All Function Key F1 to F12 Computer Keyboard

all function keys details

when you love toward your pc then you need to know about keyboard functions key which is more helpful to do your work done before time.

F1:Help Center. (active window command to open help centre press F1)

F2: For Rename In any folder. (selected file or elements want to rename press F2)

       Press Ctrl+F2= print preview in Ms Word. 

F3:In Ms word shift+F3=lower case, upper Case, Normal text. (formatting text in word file)

F4: Alt+F4= any open file or Folder is closed.(active window program want to close press Alt+F4)

      Or it will use to shut down the pc.

F5: Refresh. (Active window want to refresh press F5 and the active window will chrome or others that is reload when pressing F5)

F6: Menu bar selections. (when anyone challenging yourself to do open anything from the menu bar without using the mouse then F6 helps to complete the challenge.)

F7: Spell check in Ms word Grammer check. (write a passion and when English grammar knowledge is poor then F7 will help you out.)

F8: cell lock in excel sheet.

F9: Manual Update In excel.

F10: It's work as Shift+F10= Right-click. (without touching the mouse is very easy to arrive right-click menu from the keyboard press Shift+F10 key together and the active window will show the right-click options)

F11: Full screen On and Off of any section. (use any type of application like video player, word file, file explorer, chrome, firefox, and more then press F11 will appear in full screen )

F12: its work is Save as in Ms Word.

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