Create Google Form For Your Business

today we'll discuss about Google Form and creation process, In October 2014 Google has launched google form which is one of the products of google add-ons, which is the third-party developer who can handle google add-ons and much more are in google add-ons but in this lesson, we discuss google Forms.

google form sign up

What is Google Form?

google form is a free platform to use in various ways to do things possible like contact forms, email collecting, survey conduct, MCQ Quiz,  and much more things we can do in the google form.

So, google form is a handy tool for marketers and teachers also, who can use those things done.

h2 Google Form Step By Step Tutorial

In this upper image just click on the "Go to Google Form" and then redirects to the page of templates to choose your default template or create your own the page looks like this:

blank template google form

in this blank plus icon click here and create your own form, it redirects it to this page which you decide to prepare it which is you want like  add questions, multiple types of questions, MCQ's, long answer type question
blank google form

in this picture is formed is an untitled and untitled question also so you can click the untitled section and fill it what you want. 
if you need to add more questions  to click the add button here in this image 
and more just click the add button and the page is added automatically.

Google Form Quiz Tutorial

Now we discuss create Quiz Form using Google Forms, so let's start 

first of all, Naming your quiz means the title of your quiz topic

then write your first question and answers which are given below, option 1 is the default, and more add through "add-others", now you finish your first questions then click the add button and add one more question, and so on.

if you any question or section want to delete, just click through lower menu button which looks like:

google form delete section

or copy any section and which is important to collect just turn on the required button.

Google Form Survey Tutorial

The survey tutorial is the same as the quiz form you just follow the same process and create an outstanding survey form for your audience.

FAQ About Google Form

1. How To Create A Form Using Google Form?

= You need a Gmail account > search for google form > click the first link > choose a template or create your own to click through blank > then open an untitled page and untitled question page replace it through your questions and chooses.

2. What is The Best Way To Create A Survey Form With Google Forms?

= Diced a survey topic > chose to google form template or create your own  >  title the survey and includes questions > share your audience or publish.

3. Features Of Google Form

  •  it's handy to use 
  • it's a user-friendly interface
  •  it's easy to 

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