create new gmail account

G-mail account are very important role play in our daily life, without it we can't handle any online work. so, its must important to have gmail account in this pandemic situations.

when almost many things are doing through online so you can gmail account but first of all to create.

many things like online class,online shopping, online transactions, online coaching, YouTube and many more things.

now we are looking about how to create G-mail account

search for create gmail account and then click the link and enter then looking interface like that image below:

gmail account basic details

here you can enter your first name, last name

chose your email address

set a password and retype the pass word in confirm tab

then click next button to go further.

when you click next button then you see the interface like below this image:

gmail basic details required

now here you can add your phone number for security purpose

recovery email account which are also use for notification when are sign in  a new device , so its very important for your gmail account

here are phone number and recovery gmail account are optional, but i can recommend you to fill this.

now select your date of birth in a mm/dd/yyyy formatted

then select gender from drop-down menu

then click next 

now the another window will appear in your screen which are terms and conditions page once you read it fully then click i agree buttom.

new gmail account create

you can done successfully create your gmail account.

you can also update your photo in gmail profile pictures steps to follow is first of all your gmail account will appear in right side corner in the browser then click it and open a new window then click Manage Yours Google Account and then google redirect you to the new window and then you can edit all of your accounts details which are given below:

gmail account setting

here are the options to change your:
  • picture
  • personal info
  • data and personalization
  • security
  • people and sharing
  • payment and subscriptions
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