Overview Of Google Drive

google drive all about

Google drive one of the prestigious think that google ever do.

google launch google drive on April 24, 2012 and it achieves 1 billion active users in July 2018.

Google drive is like using a pen drive

In Pen drive no need for an internet connection to access pen drive data but Google drive is open when you connected to your device with the internet.

Google Drive has lots of features and tools created to help any user to use G-drive.

But all google drive features are available when you create your Gmail id

Through Gmail id you can access your drive as well.

Many people use this as an extra storage space and it has.

Google provided 15 GB of storage space to store any media type files that can you access on your device.

in this 15 GB storage google provides a total of more than 8 services which are listed below:

  1. Google Docs
  2. Google Sheets
  3. Google Slides
  4. Google Forms
  5. Google Drawing
  6. Google My Maps
  7. Google Sites
  8. Google Apps script
  9. Google Jamboard
or if you want more google apps to use in your drive then you can click the connect more apps open a new window to choose your favorites app which you use.

google drive more application offers

The magical thing is that you can upload any media file in your drive then you can open a computer browser and log in with the same Gmail id and go-to drive and you can see the file that can you upload from your phone.

google drive major benefits:
  1. its offers 15GB of free space.
  2. It safe save up to a lifetime.
  3. multiple types of files can save in this drive.

 How to create a folder in google drive?

-  go to the drive dashboard and click my drive or new icon and then click new folder and rename it and it automatically saves any changes that can you do.

google drive more options to upload media files

I create a file (name: test 1) then the more options to come with just right click on the file
here the options to see:
google drive file setting

  1. Open with: file open with more google add-ons which you want to open with, google provides more than 8 software to use and access in your google drive platform.
  2. Share: share files with others that others can see or upload their files as to what type of access you give.
  3. Get link: these options come up with 3 new options which are viewer, commenter, editor, if you select the viewer options that can upload documents only the view. if you select the commenter option so the viewer can upload the file. if you can select the editor then the viewer can edit the file setting and access setting.
  4. Show folder location: click this option to see the file's exact location.
  5. Add shortcut to drive: click this link to create a shortcut version of your doc file
  6. Move to: if you want to move into a new location then click this option.
  7. Add to starred: if your file mark to starred in google drive then you can see your file in starred section
  8. Rename: it's so simple to understand its use to change the file name.
  9. Change color: change the file color which you want.
  10. Search within test 1(filename): want to search something in this particular folder to search within options is used.
  11. View details: click on this option, open a new window to see your file details that mean about the file.
  12. Download: want to access it in your localhost or mobile so you can download it first.
  13. Remove: want to delete the file from google drive then click this option.

 How to upload any media file in google drive?

- In the upper pictures, you can see the upload file and upload folder click it and open a new window to chose the file and folder in which can you upload from your local computer memory.

When your drive-free space will end you can buy space from Google itself.

In this pandemic situation, everyone will use google drive to manage their work.

Because it's easy to access.

It's easy to use.

Its interface user-friendly.

It can handle by anyone who is familiar with the internet.

 how do create a drive link to others upload their files?

- create a folder and name that folder which you want 

(my file name is test 1)

create google drive folder

then click the file name dropdown and open a new window to select the options which are right to create the drive links chose shared bottom

google drive file access allow options

first of all click the get link change section and change it anyone and copy the link and shared the groups to uploads the files.

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