Google Meet Rewiew in Full Details And Problem Fixing

goolge meet icon

In this pandemic situation, all are in setting in the home, then totally we are not chance to meet physically people then video is the solution of this situation.

many institutes are closed and many offices as well is not chance to take their physical classes so here are the new innovation of creating and organize online classes through google meet.

here in this one classroom 150 participants are join in same time, which are a big number but many institutes and offices are more number students and staff, so for that institution can divide students or staff group and conduct google meet class or meeting.

now here in this post we are looking all aspects and features of google meet app or desktop mode.

Steps to host a class or meeting

Mobile: download google meet in google play store, just search it and install it.

  • open app
  • create new meeting
  • share link to your participants
  • when participants click the link for joining
  • which are two different options are available 
  • admit  or deny
 admit for allow the request person to join the meeting, and deny for not allowing this person.

Steps to join meeting or class

mobile and desktop are same process to join the class or meeting in google meet

  • when revive the class or meeting link
  • click the link 
  • now select the google meet icon or logo
  • now the three options are show in the screen
  • camera, mic, setting (use as per your requirements)
  • wait for while and another options are show
  • ask for joining
if the class or meeting host person will admit your request then you will enter the class or join the meeting.

How to record class or meeting

when create a link and enter the class then admin will able to record the class and admit will allow to record others participants then participants will also start recording.

Google meet camera not working

many people are using google meet at same time or several time then its load to google server so, sometimes due to server problem so most of the time its not able to work itself try to fix the problem quickly

Google meet background virtual effects 

Background virtual effects are most different things to do in google meet, if you want to try it for your class or meeting then you should know about the chrome extension for help to create background virtual effects.

that chrome extension are called visual effects for google meet.

install and setup for your google meet meetings so your default background will disappear or if you change it then upload a image in this  extension and it appear the background.

Google meet icon or logo

google meet icon

go to the google play store and install or using your updated Gmail app for another way to join meetings as well.

Google meet vs zoom

google meet and zoom has their own pros and cons

first is the number of  participants  google meet is 250 and zoom is 1000

secondly is if you access google meet you can have google account or zoom is not required to account

3rd is pop-up messaging system in google meet and zoom has a different commenting section.

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