How to take screen short in pc

screen shot in pc

Screenshot in pc will not a difficult job, we will do the same thing that we will do with our mobile just press the PrtSc key from our keyboard to take hole screen picture.

but many other ways to take a screenshot on pc through our keyboard key.

1. Take the fastest screenshot press PrtSc key which can take whole screen pictures. But where to see the screenshot you can go to your paint application and select the paste option and the screenshot will appear in the paint.

2. Alt + PrtSc: in the same time but first press Alt then press PrtSc buttons to take the screenshot. Then go to the paint application and select the paste option and Ctrl + S to save your pictures.

3. Windows Key + Shift + S: at the same time press the hole three key to take custom screen short. That appears in the snipping tool then press Ctrl + S to save your pictures(it is only available on Windows 10 latest update version).

4. Windows key + PrtSc: the whole screen save as an image file and this screenshot will appear in your pictures sections.

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