Step By Step Create professional Facebook Page

Facebook is the most useful app means the user is mostly spending time on Facebook.

Facebook page is the most popular thing, everyone needs to list their products, services on the Facebook page.

many types of Facebook pages are available on Facebook platforms like gaming- live streams players; services-consultancy, web development, coding, coaching, etc; product pages- Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more.

here discuss how to create a professional Facebook page using Facebook page menu.

we are also discussing how to delete your Facebook page.

Step 1: go to your Facebook account first and click the menu section.

create Facebook page step by step

Step 2: then click the page section and open a new section.

chose options to edit Facebook page

Step 3: here you can type your Facebook name, Facebook page category, and Facebook page category, Facebook page profile image upload options, cover photo upload options, and click create the page.

Step 4: here we are upload the profile image and cover image.

chose profile image, cover image, page bottom

Step 5: here also can select the Facebook page button way to click the add icon which you want.

here are all option of Facebook page

I am select follow options and go on.

Step 6: Now here you can re-write the page description, and more.

about option of Facebook page

Step 7: when all the options are filled then clicked save it's available in all edit sections.

now your page is ready to publish fresh content as well as products on the Facebook page.

how to delete a Facebook page?

go to the particular page setting options through Manage Page and scroll down and click setting>> general option >> scroll down >> click remove the page.

delete Facebook page

click permanently delete and confirm it and the page is deleted successfully.

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