Book reviews-self Help Books, Inspirational Books, Biography Books, story and more

 Books are very useful for understanding things, many successful people prefer to read books regularly for gaining knowledge and applied in their life.

 here in this post, we will talk about Lots of books and their brief summaries so when you can buy The Book summary will help you to understand Book topics.

  In this post, you will find lots of books that are based on self-help, finance, startup,  and more.

1.Rich Dad and Poor Dad
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rich dad and poor dad was written by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Rich dad poor dad book summary:

it is the most focused written with financial education, any youth who are did not know the power money then this book will read one. This book will educate you for financial freedom, here are topics are related to the stock market means investing like how to invest your money in the stock market, and a little bit of touch on real estate investment. so overall this book is best for financial education.

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