Google Photos Interesting Features

google phots
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Google photos are used as photo galleries and videos, screenshots WhatsApp images downloaded images are shown in the Google photos app.

 Google photos give some change to restore your photos in Google Drive to connecting Gmail account in Google photos app, then when you click and photos its automatically saved as your Google Drive account security you can access it when you get access.

 Most of the people in Google photos are used for restore and save your photos find there are photos quickly from the google photos app.

 Nowadays every Android mobile has a Google photos app.

 When you by chance delete any photo Google photo offer you to recover it safely.

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 When you click photos from your mobile it can save Google photos in-camera section,  when you download any image from WhatsApp then it save WhatsApp photos section,

 Similarly when you shoot a video from your mobile that video can save camera section when you download any videos from the web then the video save in the download it section, venue downloaded the video from WhatsApp you can save WhatsApp videos

 Google photo after you for a little bit of Editing features like brightness, contrast, and many more Mod you can select to edit your photos.

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 You can also create a Google drive folder to save your photos videos and all of them from the google photos app.

 It can also be available in the Google play store for free and now the Android set comes with default.

 When you use a desktop, laptop and Mac there is some obstacle for saving photos and videos on the hard drive,  then you can in a browser which is most popular is Chrome to sign in with the same Gmail account Google photos have, then you can upload selected photos from your local storage to Google Drive.

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