Steps to play safe match in battleground India mobile

battleground mobile india

In Battleground mobile India many Pro player is there so how to play a save game every time here in this article I will discuss how to landed safe and survive safely and live up to the last zone.

I can share my some safe matches matrix which can help you to understand how to play in safe, but one thing is that Mene Rank pushers are followed this strategy to upgrade their rank but when you focus on rank pushing then you are KD will be not maintained.

How to play safe gameplay

Battleground mobile India is similar to the pubg mobile, so it can simply play as it is like pubg mobile

I am also playing in a Battleground mobile India so I can explain this thing will happen when you will match to play against your enemies.

Most of the players are live very well and most of not the reason behind this is their handset internet connection and somehow mobile processor.

When you run a video gaming app in your handset then your handset must be very powerful to play another article we will discuss install APK and OBB files or you just install from Play Store.

The weapons are all are in a pubg and Battleground mobile India,  all type of gun and grenade medicate means health care support all things can available here for your gameplay.

How to play a good game every time?

As the new season begins, each player has to play safely to push their rank up.

You have to choose the normal landing place as it is the route of the aircraft and go there to loot the most damaged guns and healthcare accessories and wait for the first one to enter the second zone.

When you're out of the zone and you enter a new zone then you can choose the best route to enter that zone,  this strategy can help you to hide from your enemies' views.

You also get notifications from the map when your enemies fire, bombing, and when riding a car( it can work with certain types of distance gaps).

You can follow those steps to play in battleground mobile India I surely guarantee you that if you can not a winner but you have every time appears in the top 10.

battleground mobile India career results

How to choose a safe place for land?

How safe is the place as far as the air route can go. when a plane starting to flying then you can select a place more distance from the plane route it helps you survive more time in a game.

How to avoid hot-drop places?

In Irrangal classic match, hot dropped are- Military Base, Pochinki, School-apartment, Rozhok, Severny, Georgopol, Novo.

But another situation is when the plane routes not above those are places then the plane route decides the hot drop ongoing route.

Chose the right weapons with attachments

Where you drop in a safe place then you can possibly to you enough good loot for your gameplay I suggest that assault rifles are more damageable so you can focus loot an Asphalt rifle the popular assault rifle is M416, AKM,  M762( which is called a barrel), scarl.

All assault rifle expanding ammo through attaching the extended mag, assault rifle 30 ammo capacity then extended mag will add 10 more in assault rifle.

when using an Assault rifle, must know about their recoil many recoil reducer is available for an assault rifle, like - vertical handgrip, thumb grip, and more. (AKM has not supported any type of grip).

More another attachment for assault rifles is stock reduces the recoil of assault rifles, many guns are available attachment with stocks like M416 and vector(This is the SMG gun)

When an assault rifle is not there so what other gun you can pick up, another option is SMG guns most popular SMG gun is the uzi( 9mm Ammo are using), and the second most popular SMG gun is the vector (that can also 9mm ammo are used for that), Another's SMG guns is UMP9 and Thomsons.

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SMG guns have less recoil than assault Rifles, SMG guns come with Recoil reducers like stocks and attachments, uzi gun has already 25 ammo inside, and when you attachment with SMG extended mag then it can add 10 more ammo, Vector is similar but when using Thompson with SMG extended Mag it has 50 Ammo inside.

SMG guns recoil reducer is angle grip, vertical grip, thumb grip, etc, also available for flash Hider which is using SMG Subprersser. 

When all the above-listed guns are not available where are you landed, then another option is you can pick up shotguns, and the pistol is there so you can pick up installer shotguns for that time survive. popular shotgun 12k which can contain 5  ammo( which is 12 gauge). And three more are available in classic mode.

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Set an auto pick for your better loot

Auto loot features or helps to look more and useful elements when playing Battleground mobile India when you playing set up with auto picking up elements like health supplements, energy drawings, pain killers, adrenaline, that help for health recovery.

You can also set pick-up guns and Ammo with the scopes which can you use for fire, the default setting is 180 ammo for all SMG and Assault Rifles.

The player can set up with his need like setup stun grenade pickup for 4 pieces I am smoke mocktail and much more you can set up through auto pickup settings.

Most of the time it can help full for when you looted someone secret, If there are some shortcomings, it makes up for it.

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