7 most useful features for gmail users | gmail features for to save time

some useful and time-consuming new Gmail features, that are effective for saving our time to using Gmail.

Gmail is used in our daily life whether it is for sharing a document or replying to a message.

here we will discuss the 7 most time-consuming Gmail features list to use for more productivity.

1. Reading pane view

-Enabling this setting helps you to see inbox and message together in the same window. Now we are looking for enabling process and review the change in the Gmail window.

go to the Gmail setting option and scroll down and visit the Reading pane section then click the right of inbox.gmail reading pane

2. Auto-advance emails

-If you delete an email, delete it and return it to the general mail section; If the auto-advance Gmail setting is enabled then Gmail will be opened after the deleted Gmail.

Click setting and then click see all settings click advance then enable it.gmail auto-advance emails

3. Undo send time period

-Many times we make a mistake while typing in a Gmail message and maybe send it to someone wrong.

But if we increase the duration of the undoing message setting from 5 seconds to 30 seconds; then we can get back the Gmail sent in the wrong way in 30 seconds.

setting then click see all setting then general setting and then click save changes.gmail undo time increase

4. Gmail offline mode

-This setting comes in handy when your internet connection is very poor.

In offline mode, it gives access to Gmail for up to 7 days to 90 days.

in the main setting window in the upper setting bar, you can choose an Offline option then click save changes.offline mode gmail

5. Multiple Gmail signatures

-Just like we sign in the bottom corner when writing a letter, a text can be set that will automatically attach to all emails and will be with it when forwarded.

in the general setting window scroll down and find options signatures, here you can create multiple types of Gmail signatures click create new to add a new Gmail signature.attach signatures in every gmail

6. Nudges for forgotten emails

-helps to suggest emails to reply to Emails you might have forgotten to respond to will appear at the top of your inbox; Suggest emails to follow up on - Sent emails you might need to follow up on will appear at the top of your inbox.

general setting window Nudges are available.nudges for unread mails in gmail

7. More menu space

-If you want to get more space in the menu bar on the left, you can customize the menus as unnecessary options, such as chat, meetings.

when click the see all setting then top setting menu bar in the 8th number setting is Chat and Meet setting click chat off and meeting hide option to get more space in the main Gmail right side window and save changes for saving setting.create more menu space in gmail

This is the most helpful article I guess, but that's not enough for Gmail features, know more Gmail features Follow our website for more articles.

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