Create Barcode using Excel | How to create Barcode using ms Excel

create barcode using excel

A lot of work done by Excel is very useful for many things. Today we will learn to create barcodes using excel sheets
Now anyone can create barcode vary easy way using MS Excel sheets.

here is the two different sample code:

1- "123456789"

2- "123ABC567"

I will create a barcode with these codes

Step 1: Now we will check and paste these codes into excel to make a barcode, like below this picture :
barcode create table

Step 2: Now type formula for creating barcode ="("&E23&")"   and press enter.(Here E2 is changeable according to cell)
and scroll down the same in the lower cell.

Step 3: now you can change the font, chose the font IDAutomationHC39M Code 39 Barcode, if it is not available in your excel font library then visit the site and download then install the font.
file for barcode fonts

Step 4: when you change the font from normal to IDAutomationHC39M Code 39  then generate the Barcode.
barcode generator

for more useful excel tips let's follow us.
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